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Board Support Committees

Board Support Committees enable IMA’s Global Board to perform its duties and responsibilities by performing and supporting governance and strategic oversight. The chairs of these committees are selected by the IMA Nominating Committee.

Please review the "Details" document for each committee description prior to applying. You can access the details document on the IMA website, or by clicking here.

Committee on Ethics (CoE)

IMA’s CoE encourages our members and other professionals to adopt, promote, and execute business practices consistent with the highest ethical standards. CoE members work to promote and maintain IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, IMA’s Ethics Helpline, and Ethics Compliance Procedures, and contribute to IMA’s technical subject matter on the topic of ethics. To apply to serve on this committee, please click here.

Regional Advisory Committees

IMA has Regional Advisory Committees in China, Europe, India, and the Middle East. Applicants that reside in these regions will also have an opportunity to apply to serve as chair for one of these Regional Advisory Committee positions. Click on the committee link below to learn more. We are not accepting applications for this committee at this time.